Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

This being the first post I should first say thanks for stopping by. I am finally realizing my dream of having my own studio. I have been shooting for many years but I was always under the constraints of having to find a location. I now have a wonderful location that is always at my disposal. I am still working out the bugs of the new studio but it will be up and running in no time.

I should start off with a little about myself. I have been shooting professionally for about 8 years. My work covers wedding, portrait, sports and family photography. I really try to stay away from the boring old style and bring to the table a clean current style of photography. Something that reflects who we are as individuals and as families. I live in the Atlanta area but have taken assignments from Australia to the beautiful island of Grand Cayman, and everywhere in between.

I will take time to introduce my partner in this business, my wife Michelle. She has always been a key factor in making sure my work has always looked it's best. Having her input on styling, posing and also her work in post-production. Michelle offers a second set of eyes to make sure I don't miss my mark. She has become a very good photographer in her own right, working diligently to always learn and shoot as often as possible. I seriously think she will run this studio one day.

Please sit back and enjoy some of my post. I will be posting some older work along with new work to try to keep this blog current and refreshing.

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